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About us

"Things of a kind come together. People of a mind fall into the same group." - The old saying from ansient China



TK Martial Arts Academy was first established by Master Chongwei Zhang at Eastwood Public School 2011. Back to 2001, Master Zhang started Sahnghai TK Martial Arts Club when he retired from Shanghai Professional  Wu-Shu Team.  Master Zhang teaches various styles which including Chinese traditional Kung-Fu, Wu-Shu, Tai-Chi, Ba-Gua, Xing-Yi, San-Da, Kickboxing, Self-defence and also Taekwondo. All this Skills and Knowledge are inherited from the ancient martial arts family "Wu Ji Men".

Our Instructor

Highest level Instructor of Wu-Shu, Tai-Chi, Taekwondo, Traditional Martial Arts from "Wu Ji Men".

China/ Australia/ International Accredited martial arts instructor.

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