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Our Instructor


"Things of a kind come together. People of a mind fall into the same group." - The old saying from ansient China


Master Instructor (Shi-Fu)
Chongwei Zhang  张 崇 巍


Master Zhang is a High achievement and internationally approbatory martial artist. He has been trained by many famous great masters for 30 years in China. He has won so many titles in his professional career. Master Zhang has had more than thousand students sience he start pass his skills to new generation. Many of them also have achived such high level which they were seeking for. Master Zhang has been invited to teach and living in Australia since 2011. It will be the new journey for his legend. List below is a part of master Zhang's achievements.


6th Dan of Wu-Shu of Chinese Wu-Shu (Kung-Fu) Association 2001

6th Dan of Taekwondo of Kukkiwon 2010

3rd Generation of Wu-Ji Sect (Shanghai Min-Qiang Wu-Shu Association) 1995

1st Level Judge of Wu-Shu (Kung-Fu) of General Administration of Sports of China 2002

1st Level Judge of Taekwondo of General Administration of Sports of China 2005


Accredited Martial Arts Instructor of Kung Fu Wu shu Australia (KWA) 2013

Accredited Gymnastics Instructor of Gymnastics Australia 2013

Accredited Tai-Chi Instructor of Shanghai Chen’s Tai Chi Association 2008

Principal and Master Instructor of TK Martial Arts Academy (Australia) 2011

Principal and Master Instructor of Shanghai TK Martial Arts Club 2002


Guest master (Shi-Fu) of Wu-Shu Academy (Rozelle Sydney) 2014

Guest master (Shi-Fu) of SSU Shao-Lin Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy (Castle Hill Sydney) 2011

Guest master (Shi-Fu) of Pei-Lei Chinese Martial Arts Centre (Carlingford Sydney) 2011

Guest Instructor of SXL Gymnastics Coaching (Lane Cove West Sydney) 2007

Guest Instructor of The SWAT Team of Shanghai Police Force 2009

Guest Choreographer of “ERA” of Shanghai Circus World 2007


The Title “Martial Arts Hero” of General Administration of Sports of China 1996

The Title “Taekwondo Master Trainer” of General Administration of Sports of China 2009

The Title “Tai Chi Master” of International Tai Chi Conference 2010


Champion of Sword Play and Fight Routine of China National Championship 1995

Champion of Sword Play of China National Wu-Shu (Kung Fu) Championship 1996

All Around Champion of Man’s Wu-Shu (Kung Fu) of The 8th National Game 1997

All Around Champion of Man’s Wu-Shu of The 5th world Chin-Woo Competition 1998

Champion of Black Belt Poomsa of The 1st China Korea Taekwondo Tournament 2006

Champion of Tradition Chen Style Tai Chi Fist and Sword Play of The Chen Jia Gou International Tai Chi Tournament 2007

All Around Winner of Chen Style Tai Chi Fist and Sword Play of The 4th Hong Kong International Wu Shu (Kung Fu) Competition 2009


Master Zhang has won more than 30 times gold medalist national and international martial arts competition (1995-2010)

His students have won more than 50 times Martial Arts Championship in Shanghai’s and National’s (2003-2011)


Stunt of Hollywood Movie “Ultra Violet” 2003

Stunt of Jackie Chan’s Movie “The Myth” 2004



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